This is all you must know about Process Purpose

Over the past year, I have discovered that a Process Purpose is a real booster to take a process to the next level.

A Process Purpose can emotionally engage people and get them excited about a process. – It does real wonders for the development, implementation, and execution of a process.

Everything you need to know about Process Purpose is now available on

If you haven’t heard about process yet, I recommend the following steps:

  • Listen to episode 4 of the New Process Podcast with Benjamin Rolff and learn more about the topic of purpose or watch the recording of the New Process Podcast launch party where Benjamin and I dig even deeper into this topic.
  • Listen to episode 5 of the New Process Podcast to learn how a Process Purpose pushes your process to the next level. In this episode, I provide you with examples and explain how you can develop a Process Purpose for your own process. – This may sound a bit spooky at first, but it really works!
  • And finally, you will find all the details in the New Process Toolbox within the process “Define process purpose”.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me in case of any questions, ideas, or feedback!

Thank you very much!


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