New Process Keynote

New Process Keynote

Whether on-site or online, I can help you with a New Process Keynote to make your event an inspiring experience for your participants. I am happy to give a powerful impulse on how to think processes in a completely new way.

Starting with an overview on the New Process topic up to deep dives in individual areas with practical examples, best practices and directly applicable tools and methods. Participants will receive many ideas on how to directly rethink their own process.

We gladly deepen the ideas after the keynote in joint workshops or the participants can directly apply the shown tools and methods themselves.

“I haven’t experienced such an inspiring keynote in a long time. I could immediately use the presented Process Purpose Canvas for my own process!”

Feel free to contact me directly to talk about the details for your keynote. I would love to learn more about the attendees and the purpose of the event to develop a tailor-made keynote for your event.

In terms of content, I am happy to share my experience on New Process, but also on established tools and methods from the process management environment. Together we will surely be able to determine the right impulses for your event.

For example, a one-hour online keynote can consist of the following content:

  • Raising awareness of what New Process stands for and why it is the right time now to rethink processes.
  • Providing an overview of the New Process Principles with many practical examples to show how the combination of New Work and Business Process Management helps to take your own process to the next level.
  • Teaching tools and methods along the New Process Life Cycle to bring the New Process ideas to life in the participants’ own environment.
  • Deep dives into individual areas that are particularly relevant to the participants and the event. For example, a deep dive into the topic of Process Purpose with explanation of the Process Purpose Canvas and exemplary application.
  • Handover of a hands-on tool that each participant can directly apply to rethink their own process and take it to the next level.
  • Open or guided Q&A session for a lively exploration of individual New Process aspects to address the specific questions of the participants.

Feel free to contact me using the form below. I’ll get back to you to discuss further details and develop the perfect keynote for your event.

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