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The New Process Podcast with Mirko Kloppenburg

I’m sharing all the learnings and insights of my journey to rethink processes so that you can apply industry-proven BPM tools, methods, and best practices to manage, improve, and innovate your processes. Learn how to use the human-centric New Process approach to push your process to the next level.

In interviews and solo shows, I’m exploring whatever is necessary to rethink processes. Be ready for exciting episodes with lots of fun and a whole bunch of new ideas. Don’t miss it.


The podcast for everyone seeking to rethink processes

If you’re a process owner, architect or manager, project manager, quality manager, entrepreneur, CxO, consultant, researcher, or you’re just interested in rethinking processes, the New Process Podcast is perfect for you.

Every second week you’ll learn new ideas on how to push processes to the next level.


Each episode of the New Process Podcast helps you to get new ideas to inspire people for processes so that you can facilitate a sustainable process implementation.


Learn industry-proven skills on how to bring a business strategy or even a purpose into reality by applying the human-centric New Process transformation approach.


In the podcast, you’ll learn how to inspire people to bring in their ideas and how to scale innovations on a global level by managing processes in a humanized way.

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What others are saying about the New Process Podcast

Thanks a lot for creating this podcast – you have taken what is generally perceived as a rather “drab” of a topic and given it a fascinating spin. Wonderful work and looking towards seeing more of it in the future.

Ashish Anand

Fasten your seatbelt for new process: Mirko, the first episodes spark a new process fire. Thanks for sharing the insights of you & your guests.


Insights into the future of process management: Very informative podcast where real domain experts discuss the future of business process management without the usual sales pitches and software hype.

Process Lari

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#050 Answering this question on multiple levels live at the New Process Conference.

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How Bonitasoft supports you to rethink processes with Charles Souillard

#049 Let’s explore Bonitasoft’s approach to revolutionizing process automation.

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How to inspire different generations for processes with Leona Holzbecher

#048 Let’s consider the different generations in terms of processes.

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Ask Mirko

Ask me all your BPM-related questions

I keep getting questions about BPM topics and thought I might make a podcast format out of it.

So if you have any questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them for the whole community on the New Process Podcast in an Ask Mirko episode.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be just New Process-related. I’m also happy to address other BPM topics. And if you have any personal questions for me, feel free to ask too.


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