New Process Design Pad proudly presents the New Process Design Pad!

I love modeling processes in a simple way that people can easily understand.

Since I also like to design processes quickly by hand without mapping them directly in a tool, I developed the New Process Design Pad as a small tool to help me do this even faster.

It is super simple to use!

Six lanes are available for process design. Adjacent processes can be mapped in the seventh lane at the bottom. The darker dots mark the lanes. The roles are entered in the first column, the other eight columns are available for the process itself.


Roles are entered in the first column on the far left. A box of 7×4 points can easily be drawn for this purpose. Alternatively, the roles can simply be written in the first column.


Like roles, activities are also entered using 7×4 dots within the lanes.


Decisions are drawn as a diamond over 3×3 dots, as shown in the image.

Adjacent Processes

Adjacent processes are also drawn using 7×4 dots, with the center dot on the left and right shifted one dot to the right as an arrow.

The arrows between activities and decisions can be drawn centrally over the dots.

Alternatively, the pad can be used upright for notes. 😉
I look forward to hearing your feedback on how you like the New Process Design Pad.

Happy process designing!