How to apply New Work ideas to rethink processes with Benjamin Rolff

How to apply New Work ideas to rethink processes with Benjamin Rolff

#004: Join me interviewing Benjamin Rolff on New Work, New Performance and Purpose. – Be prepared for a load of new ideas and impulses.

In this episode, I am interviewing the New Work expert Benjamin Rolff on how to apply new work ideas to rethink processes.

He will tell us more about his interpretation of the term New Work and his New Performance approach. He shares practical examples and tipps on how to apply New Process to inspire people for processes and he deep dives with us into the topic of purpose.

Today’s Guest

Benjamin Rolff

New Work Expert, Coach and Founder of the New Performance Academy, host of the New Performance Podcast



You’ll learn

  • What New Work and New Performance are
  • What a purpose is
  • How to use purpose to inspire/motivate people
  • How to develop a purpose
  • Inspirations on how to use New Work ideas to rethink processes


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