New Process Podcast

How to implement Process Mining successfully with Jean-Marc Erieau from MANN+HUMMEL

#041 Let’s have a talk about Process Mining and the best ways to implement it in your organization.

Inspiring Ideas to Rethink Processes from Hello.Beta Live

#040 Let’s dive into the insights from the Hello.Beta Live event, featuring 7 dynamic mini-interviews exploring the forefront of New Work and Transformation.

Mastering Process Automation with Daniel Matka from Robert Bosch

#039 Let’s take a closer look at one of the largest process automation initiatives in Germany.

How PASS supports a human-centric BPM approach with Christoph Piller

#038 The “Process Wizard” about S-BPM, PASS, Hyperautomation and AI topics.

Two BPM nerds on feelings, roles, standardization, and a big announcement

#037 Join us two BPM nerds talking about feelings, roles, standardization, and a big announcement

How to get people excited about Process Automation with Nico Bitzer

#036 Let’s take a look at process automation from a human-centric BPM perspective.

How Universal Process Notation (UPN) supports a human-centric BPM approach – with UPN co-inventor Walter Bril

#035 Let’s discuss the advantages of UPN and how it can support the human-centric BPM approach.

Wrapping up the search for a human-centric BPM tool with Martin Holling

#034 Let’s wrap up all of the tool interviews to find the best human-centric BPM tool!

Change and transformation in complex organizations with Gia Thi Nguyen

#033 Let’s find out how to engage people in complex change projects.

How Process Mining takes BPM to a whole new level with Wil van der Aalst

#032 Let’s deep dive into the topic of process mining with the godfather of process mining himself.