New Process Podcast

Gamification ideas to inspire people for processes with Jasmin Karatas

#016: Jasmin explains how to develop gamifications. – This opens up a whole new world for me to inspire people for processes!

How ARIS supports you to rethink processes with Caspar Jans and J-M Erlendson from Software AG

#015: Join me to explore the latest version of ARIS in a super entertaining episode with Caspar Jans and J-M Erlendson from Software AG.

14 Top Expert Tips for Process Modelers

#014: I bring the experience from the entire New Process community to share with you 14 top expert tips for process modelers with you.

How Skore supports you to rethink processes with Craig J Willis

#013: In the first “real” tool interview to find a human-centric BPM tool, I’m talking to Craig J Willis to learn more about Skore.

An extraordinary conversation on BPM tools with Bernd Ruecker from Camunda

#012: Camunda’s Chief Technologist Bernd Ruecker provides a comprehensive overview of the BPM tool market and we deep dive into how Camunda supports us to rethink processes.

How to pitch your process with Ole Tillmann from PEAK Creative Leadership

#011: Learn from Ole Tillmann what the secret ingredients of a perfect pitch presentation are and how to create one to pitch your process to top management as well as to inspire employees for processes.

How to build a process community with Miikka Leinonen from Ghost Community

#010: Learn from Miikka Leinonen how to build a community and find out how this can be applied to your process to develop and leverage a process community.

My three pieces of advice to push your BPM ahead

#009: While I was pushing BPM in the Lufthansa Group, I often came across challenges where I didn’t know how we should proceed. In this episode, I share with you my three pieces of advice on how to approach such situations.

How to get to the cutting edge of BPM with Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn from University of Bamberg

#008: Explore how research can help you to solve your BPM challenges and to get to the very front of the BPM development.

Finding a human-centric BPM tool

#007: A few weeks ago, I asked for a human-centric BPM tool in LinkedIn and received a long list of potential tools. Now, I’m starting my evaluation by defining the requirements and asking BPM tool vendors for more information to schedule podcast interview session. But this episode is also very relevant for BPM users, not only for vendors, to explore how a human-centric BPM tool could look like.