3 tips for a more human-centric approach of process automation

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast I talked with Nico Blitzer from “Bots & People” about Process Automation. In light of a 2023 McKinsey study suggesting that up to 70% of all jobs could be automated, there’s a need to address the potential tension between job cuts and the human-centric approach. That’s why I asked Nico how we can keep the human aspect in BPM even when automation takes center stage.

Win a New Process Calendar 2024! 🚀

For many years, I had a little 3-month Lufthansa calendar on my desk. These little calendars were always in short supply and it was a challenge to get one. And when Covid hit us, it was even harder. Two years ago, a colleague even had to design one himself, since there were no more official calendars.

“From Host to Host” – Guest on the Process Pioneers Podcast

I was invited to talk to Daniel Rayner on the “Process Pioneers” Podcast. It was actually the second time I had this honour. While the first time we talked about the human-centric BPM approach, this time the focus was on being a host on a podcast.

In search of the perfect human-centric BPM tool

Finding the perfect tool can be a challenging task. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Once you’ve chosen a tool and integrated it into your process management, much of your organization will be built upon it. There are many factors to consider, such as whether the tool fits your purpose, its costs, ease of use, and how it interacts with other tools in your organization.

With Gia Thi Nguyen in “Tea with Thi” about the importance of trust in processes

Even though I don’t drink tea, I was really looking forward to this interview with Thi. We’re talking about trust and I think it’s super important because it’s one of the principles of New Process, that we need to trust people more in and on the process.

How to involve people in complex change processes with Gia Thi Nguyen

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I’m talking with Gia Thi Nguyen about change and transformation in complex organizations. Since he has a lot of experience from various change projects, I wanted to know his recommendations on how to involve people in these complex change projects.

The AI Co-Pilot for BPM is already here

“Hey Mirko, I think we got this AI thing already in our tool!” – something along these lines was the message I received from David Lange after he listened to the New Process Podcast episode (episode 29) with Benjamin Dehant a few weeks ago. Benjamin and I were talking about using AI (like ChatGPT) to rethink processes. So after having a quick chat, Daniel and I decided to share with you the AI features of aiio.

Wil van der Aalst’s recommendations on how to involve the people working in the process in a process mining project

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast I had the honor to speak with the godfather of process mining himself: Wil van der Aalst! Wil is well known for the development of process mining. I’ve been wanting to do a podcast on this topic for a long time, so I was super excited to talk to him as he is one of the most experienced experts in this field.

How to improve your process modeling

I love the art of process modeling! That’s why I was really excited about speaking to Kevin Tan about his concept of process-bility – three techniques to make process modeling more understandable for everyone (which is one of the New Process principles).

AI – Threat or Chance for human-centric BPM

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast I talked to Benjamin Dehant about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on processes. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about this topic.