How to integrate all generation in the different stages of BPM

In the last episode of the New Process Podcast I spoke with Leona Holzbecher about how different generations influence change and transformation. But how can we take advantage of the different perspectives and diversity of the individual generations with regard to human centric process management? And how can we integrate them into the various stages of BPM? Leona shares her tips.

Human Needs at the Heart of Process Design

Process design must consider human needs, relevant across all generations. Meeting needs for control, attachment, self-enhancement, and joy is key.

Creating Positive Experiences Through Processes

The aim of process design is to foster positive experiences that evoke a sense of fulfillment and trigger dopamine release.

Age Diversity in the Planning Phase

Age diversity within teams during the planning and design phases of processes is crucial. It allows for the integration of diverse perspectives from the start and addresses potential issues or questions early on.

Greenfield Approach and Creative Brainstorming

An open approach to process design, known as the Greenfield approach, coupled with creative brainstorming methods like the Walt Disney method, encourages the generation of new ideas. This approach promotes adopting different perspectives (dreamer, realist, critic).

Involving End Users in Process Design

Early involvement of end users, especially from younger generations, in process design is vital. It ensures that processes meet the needs and requirements of users and are practical.

Check out episode 48 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview with Leona Holzbecher.


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