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How Comm’ant supports you to rethink processes with David Ruting from Comm’ant Management Systems

#026: David and I talk about the BPM tool Comm’ant to explore if it is a human-centric BPM tool or not.

How BIC supports you to rethink processes with Marc Stromberg from GBTEC

#025: My search for a human-centric BPM tool continues and BIC must not be missing in this. Thus, I invited Marc Stromberg to explore the latest version of BIC.

How to become a Process Influencer with Andreas Bierwirth from ABmotion

#024: Andreas and I discuss what is a Process Influencer, what are some of the hard and soft skills required and the importance of video content to be successful in this role.

How to apply “storylistening” to rethink processes with Astrid Kirchhoff from hummingbirds

#023: Astrid and I discuss the importance of incorporating positive emotions, attentive listening, and emotional data in process modeling for creating human-centric processes.

How EPC supports you to rethink processes with Scott Armstrong from Interfacing

#022: The search for a human-centric BPM tool continues with Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center and an interview with Scott Armstrong.

Next stop on my search for a human-centric BPM tool: Interfacing’s EPC

The year 2023 starts with another podcast interview to find a human-centric BPM tool.  Therefore, I spoke with Scott Armstrong, Managing Partner at Interfacing, about Interfacing’s tool EPC in the latest episode of the New Process Podcast.

Don’t miss these New Process topics for 2023

#021: Learn more about the top topics of the New Process community as well as the recommendations by BPM thought leaders for 2023.

How to develop a process strategy with Lars Linnekogel from TTE Strategy

#020: Explore how to develop a strategy in general and how to apply this to develop a process strategy.

How Q.wiki supports you to rethink processes with Vincent Fischer from Modell Aachen GmbH

#019: It’s worth listening to this episode just to get to know the Viking. – But there is much more exciting to learn about Q.wiki.

What life of a real Process Architect looks like with Christoph Bünker from Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services

#018: You asked for it and here it is: an interview with a real Process Architect! Enjoy! 🚀