The three pillars of life

For the 50th episode of the New Process Podcast, I had a live recording with Michael Bögle from Lufthansa Technik at the New Process Conference. We dive deep into the topic of purpose and answer the question “why are we here” on different levels.

In this context, he talks about the three pillars of life:

  1. Professional Life: Success in your professional life is emphasized through active participation and collaboration in your field. Success can be reached as being able to come together, exchange views, and develop ideas collaboratively to drive the topic forward effectively. This pillar underscores the importance of commitment and contribution in one’s professional sphere.
  2. Social Life: The second pillar involves having a successful social life, which doesn’t necessarily hinge on having a traditional family structure but rather on maintaining meaningful relationships. Happiness and fulfillment in your social interactions contribute significantly to the overall sense of leading a successful life. It points to the value of personal connections and a supportive social network.
  3. Personal Fulfillment: The third pillar is about doing something for oneself, as inspired by Viktor Frankl’s idea of finding meaning in life through setting and overcoming personal challenges. Whether it’s a physical challenge like skiing across Greenland or a creative endeavor like building ships from matches, the essence is to engage in activities that provide personal satisfaction and growth. This pillar emphasizes self-care and personal achievements as fundamental to feeling successful.

Check out episode 50 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview with Michael Bögle from Lufthansa Technik.


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