Julian Knorr about the “mindset navigator” and the “iceberg of processes”

GPS System for future competencies

Companies worldwide are right in the middle of a multi-transformation, caused by various drivers: digital transformation, environmental change, political and economic changes,…In order to stay successful for the future, the key is not the usage of more technology, but to develop the relevant future competencies in the workforce.

Iceberg of transformation

The iceberg of transformation has a visible part, which consists of technologies, processes and business models. These are the visible and also tangible parts of transformation. They certainly are important and play an important role in a successful multi-transformation. The part of the iceberg below the water surface consists of the future competencies and mindset. Without people with the right future competencies and mindset in the company, the visible parts of the iceberg (technologies, processes, business models) are irrelevant and will not make a company successful. However, there is a paradox of investment: for the much smaller, but visible part of the iceberg, companies invest a huge amount of money, time, and attention. For the much bigger, but invisible part of the iceberg, companies invest way too less.

Iceberg of transformation. © ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION AG

What could a smart investment into future competencies and mindset look like?

Transformation is an expedition. For each expedition, you always need a GPS to be able to stay on track and guide towards your destination. For example, when you set London as your destination in your GPS, you do not just get the calculation of the route to London. But, the first step is, that the GPS analyses your current location and GPS data. Based on your location, the GPS eventually calculates the route to London. This will lead to an individual route for you to London. Without the analysis of your location, the GPS would give you the same route description to London like anyone else (although they are starting from another city, country, or continent). This makes no sense, of course.

When it comes to the development of future competencies and mindset, the same procedure as with a GPS is needed: First, the individual starting point needs to be analyzed with a scientific valid diagnostics tool. This is the starting point for the calculation of the route towards the future competencies’ destination. The route itself is an adaptive learning path with a modern and sustainable learning approach. This procedure leads to individualized learning paths for all employees in a company, and therefore for a targeted development of future competencies.

The Mindset Navigator Platform, an AI-based platform, analyzes and develops digital mindset and future competencies individually for a long-term business success. The combination of a scientific valid diagnostic with highly adaptive learning offerings leads to a high cost efficiency, increased learning success and confidence through data analyses.

Start your future competencies’ development for free: https://www.onestoptransformation.com/en/mindset-navigator-plattform-testen

Thank you, Julian, for sharing these insights with us.

Check out episode 45 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview with Julian Knorr.


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