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The three elements of purpose with Julia von Winterfeldt

In the last episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Julia von Winterfeldt about the importance of human connection. She encouraged how crucial it is to take the time to reflect and define your own individual purpose.

How to develop a digital mindset with Julian Knorr

#045 Let’s take a deep dive into the topic of digital mindset.

Julian Knorr about the “mindset navigator” and the “iceberg of processes”

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Julian Knorr about the importance of having the right mindset. He shared some insights about his invention, the Mindset Navigator.

New Process meets Hello.Beta – my experience on the Hello.Beta Live Event

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I took a special journey through the Hello.Beta Live event, featuring seven interviews with fascinating people exploring new work and transformation. I learned some really interesting things: From how to build resilient organizational structures and cultures, to the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, to generational gabs in leadership.

Change and transformation in complex organizations with Gia Thi Nguyen

#033 Let’s find out how to engage people in complex change projects.

BPM Skills 2022 Hot or Not

What are the hot BPM skills in 2022?

Zbigniew Misiak interviewed a number of highly regarded BPM experts about what they consider to be the critical BPM skills and where you can learn more about them.