The three elements of purpose with Julia von Winterfeldt

In the last episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Julia von Winterfeldt about the importance of human connection. She encouraged how crucial it is to take the time to reflect and define your own individual purpose.

  1. Core Essence: The journey begins with a deep exploration of one’s true self, peeling away external layers such as competencies and physical attributes to reveal the core essence within. This process uncovers a fundamental nature or quality that defines the individual at their most basic level, which is often difficult to articulate but profoundly influences their potential and how they engage with the world.
  2. Innate Gift: The second element involves recognizing a unique contribution or talent that one is naturally inclined to offer to the world. This isn’t necessarily about grand gestures or monumental achievements, but rather about identifying what comes effortlessly and joyfully to the individual. It’s about acknowledging those innate abilities that have been a part of one’s character since childhood, which, when embraced, can lead to fulfilling and meaningful actions.
  3. Mission and Context: The final component is about determining the context or sphere where one’s core essence and innate gift can be most effectively combined and utilized. This involves deciding on a specific area or field where the individual feels they can make the most significant impact, aligning their inner qualities and talents with a broader mission. This choice is guided by personal experiences, values, and the desire to contribute to something greater than oneself.

Together, these elements guide the individual in crafting a purpose statement that encapsulates their essence, gift, and mission. This statement serves as a tangible expression of their purpose, providing clarity and direction for living in alignment with their true self and making meaningful contributions to the world.

Check out episode 46 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview with Julia von Winterfeldt.


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