What are the hot BPM skills in 2022?

BPM Skills 2022 Hot or Not

Zbigniew Misiak interviewed a number of highly regarded BPM experts about what they consider to be the critical BPM skills and where you can learn more about them.

Needless to say, process mining is one of the hot topics for 2022, and Wil van der Aalst and Marlon Dumas share their views on what contribution process mining can provide and give an outlook on how this discipline might evolve in the coming years. Absolutely worth reading! – I also find it quite interesting to learn Wil’s full name. 🙂

Digital transformation and automation of processes is a frequently mentioned topic, too. Pedro Robledo gives a list of 12 BPM maturity analyses that an organization should perform to ensure that process automation works. Quite interesting! 👍

Also, Roger Tregear contributes his view on BPM Skills 2022 and addresses the need for a fundamental process-based management mindset in an organization. This fits very well with my own thoughts that the people working in and on the processes need to be excited about BPM. 🚀

But it’s best to read for yourself what the experts have to say:

BPM Skills in 2022 – Hot or Not

PS: I’m very honored to share my thoughts alongside these BPM legends as well, and I’m giving a little preview there of what will drive me in 2022.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and getting some valuable points from the BPM experts.

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