New Process meets Hello.Beta – my experience on the Hello.Beta Live Event

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I took a special journey through the Hello.Beta Live event, featuring seven interviews with fascinating people exploring new work and transformation. I learned some really interesting things: From how to build resilient organizational structures and cultures, to the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, to generational gaps in leadership.

What is Hello.Beta?

Hello.Beta, founded by Tobias Krüger, is a community focused on New Work and Transformation. With over 300 members, it brings together professionals interested in innovative work practices and agile methodologies. The platform facilitates idea exchange, learning, and events like bar camps, fostering a collaborative environment for exploring modern workplace dynamics.

What a Barcamp is about?

It is a community focused event with sessions run by the community for the community. It provides hands-on experience and the opportunity to connect and share with more like-minded people. A session lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. This time can be used for expert talks, discussions, best practices or any other type of session on a specific topic. After a pitch at the beginning by the session hosts, each attendee can choose which session they would like to attend.

Guests and topics

I got to talk to seven great people that evening:

  1. Adrian Gerigk, the moderator of the event
  2. Lara Hahn and Nicolas Stemmler about the importance of resilience systems
  3. Leona Holzbecher about leading across generations
  4. Katharina Pletl about three simple questions on how a transformation really hurts
  5. Sonja Mayer about how to use art/image AI to improve processes
  6. Laura Liebisch and Sven Heese about the Game Changer Psychological Safety
  7. Tobias Krüger – founder of Hello.Beta

Check out episode 40 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview.


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