Common mistakes to avoid when implementing Process Automation

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast I spoke to Daniel Matka about the practical application of process automation at Robert Bosch, which is one of the most significant process automation initiatives in Germany. Therefore he shared common mistakes to avoid when implementing process automation from his experience.

  1. Begin with small, practical increments rather than lofty visions.

To avoid common mistakes, especially in the initial meetings, it’s crucial not to solely focus on discussing abstract visions for the future. Instead, start with the smallest increments and align participants around specific, practical tasks. In the early stages, it’s easy to get caught up in grand ideas, but it’s essential to identify the smaller, game-changing tasks.

  1. Utilize frameworks like Scrum and user story mapping to clarify who does what and why.

In these early meetings, it’s also important to use frameworks like the Scrum framework and user story mapping, which involve asking who is doing what and why. The “why” question can be particularly challenging but is critical for understanding the rationale behind processes and tasks.

→ So starting small and starting as simple as possible to build an MVP can help you to get people excited about process automation.

Check out episode 39 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview with Daniel Matka from Robert Bosch.


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