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Inspiring Ideas to Rethink Processes from Hello.Beta Live

#040 Let’s dive into the insights from the Hello.Beta Live event, featuring 7 dynamic mini-interviews exploring the forefront of New Work and Transformation.

New Process meets Hello.Beta – my experience on the Hello.Beta Live Event

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I took a special journey through the Hello.Beta Live event, featuring seven interviews with fascinating people exploring new work and transformation. I learned some really interesting things: From how to build resilient organizational structures and cultures, to the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, to generational gabs in leadership.

Mastering Process Automation with Daniel Matka from Robert Bosch

#039 Let’s take a closer look at one of the largest process automation initiatives in Germany.

How PASS supports a human-centric BPM approach with Christoph Piller

#038 The “Process Wizard” about S-BPM, PASS, Hyperautomation and AI topics.

Two BPM nerds on feelings, roles, standardization, and a big announcement

#037 Join us two BPM nerds talking about feelings, roles, standardization, and a big announcement

How to get people excited about Process Automation with Nico Bitzer

#036 Let’s take a look at process automation from a human-centric BPM perspective.

Win a New Process Calendar 2024! 🚀

For many years, I had a little 3-month Lufthansa calendar on my desk. These little calendars were always in short supply and it was a challenge to get one. And when Covid hit us, it was even harder. Two years ago, a colleague even had to design one himself, since there were no more official calendars.

How Universal Process Notation (UPN) supports a human-centric BPM approach – with UPN co-inventor Walter Bril

#035 Let’s discuss the advantages of UPN and how it can support the human-centric BPM approach.

Wrapping up the search for a human-centric BPM tool with Martin Holling

#034 Let’s wrap up all of the tool interviews to find the best human-centric BPM tool!

Change and transformation in complex organizations with Gia Thi Nguyen

#033 Let’s find out how to engage people in complex change projects.