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New Process for Mittelstand

Digital Mittelstand Videocast: How New Process can help Mittelstand

I was invited by Can Adiguzel to his “Digital Mittelstand” interview series. In the interview, we elaborate on how New Process can be applied within small and medium enterprises.

New Process Survey

New Process Survey: Topics 2022 and beyond…

I find it so exciting to rethink processes together with you! There are so many great ideas for bringing New Work and BPM together and taking processes to a new level with a human-centric BPM approach!

New Process Think Tank: Let’s shape the topics for 2022 and beyond…

The year 2022 is slowly approaching and I would like to invite you to a Think Tank to talk together about the topics for 2022 and beyond.

New Process Think Tank on how to “Disrupt established processes”

Sometimes something completely unexpected happens and the result is still – or because of it – great!

For today’s Think Tank, my plan was to talk with other New Process enthusiasts about the New Process principle “Disrupt established processes”.

New Process Think Tank

Invitation to New Process Think Tank: Disrupt established processes

It is time for the next New Process Think Tank. This month, I would like to invite you to a session focused on the New Process Principle “Disrupt established processes”!

New Process on Process Pioneers

New Process on Process Pioneers podcast

I had the honor of being interviewed by Daniel Rayner on his Process Pioneers podcast about New Process.

In the episode, we are talking about how New Process was created, how you can apply New Process to rethink processes and many more details on different process management aspects.

8 principles to rethink processes

8 principles to rethink processes

As time flies by… ✈️

Today, one year ago, I published my then still five New Process Theses. A lot has happened since then and I would like to share with you an updated version of the ideas on how to rethink processes, which have now grown to eight New Process Principles.

Let’s disrupt established processes!

I think, I have missed one important aspect when bringing New Work and BPM together in the past. Something like:

“Disrupt established processes: We are courageous to question and radically redesign well-established processes.”

Can this be true?

I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast! Exactly one year ago, I wrote about New Process for the first time here on LinkedIn.

New Process Booster: 10% early bird discount

You can register for the New Process Booster now!

It has been a little bit more quiet for a few weeks since I have been on summer vacation with the family at Lake Garda. – What a lovely place on earth!

Nevertheless, I used the time in Italy to let the New Process Booster ripen further, so I can finally open the registration now! 🙂