How can a New Process Life Cycle look like? – Put purpose first!

Today, I used all your valuable feedback on the New Process Checklist to push it to the next level. As a result, I came up with the idea of a New Process Life Cycle which starts with “Create purpose” as initial phase.

Overall, the New Process Life Cycle consists of the following 8 phases:

  1. Create purpose: Why do we need this process?
  2. Define strategy: What is our process vision to fulfill the process purpose?
  3. Analyze as is: Where are we today?
  4. Design process: How does a process look like to get from where we are to our vision?
  5. Model process: How do we perform the process in a safe and repeatable way?
  6. Implement process: What do we have to do to get the process running?
  7. Steer execution: How do we assure target fulfillment?
  8. Improve execution: How can we continuously improve process execution?

What do you think about this approach? What would you change, remove, or add?


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