My core insight from the third online exchange on #NewProcess

“Taking advantage of the different cultures of the people working in and on the process” is my core insight from the third session on #NewProcess.

This begins with directing one’s own attention to the topic of culture in the first place.

It does not always have to be the different cultures of different countries speaking different languages. It already starts with the fact that people who obviously all speak the same language come from different regions or work in one place for different companies.

In view of my Lufthansa experience, there are already cultural differences when you work on the south side – instead of the north side – of Frankfurt Airport. And not to forget cultural differences between employees from different teams or even from administration and production.

If you are aware of these nuances, different cultures can be used much more to create excellent processes. The individual cultures of the people involved in the process must therefore not be seen as hurdles, but should be seen as enrichment and should be incorporated into process diversity.

What do you think about this?


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