Learnings of the second online exchange on #NewProcess

After finishing the second exchange on #NewProcess, I would like to share my learnings with you:

  • It’s all about the purpose: Everybody should know WHY  a specific process is in place and what benefits it creates. – Something that has been neglected for far too long.
  • When involving the people, different cultures should be taken into account. Not only with regards to different countries or companies, but also with regards to different cultures of the people designing processes and the ones working in the process. E.g., admin and production.
  • There is no contradiction between processes and an agile approach or design thinking. On the contrary, both are very structured approaches and can be used as methods. A process creates the framework and must provide the necessary freedom for creative work.
  • An example to improve cooperation and involve the people can be to mix people working in the process with people working on the process at the same workspace. – An idea that I personally have already found very helpful, too.

Thank you very much for joining the session!

I am looking forward to the next session…


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