8 principles to rethink processes

8 principles to rethink processes

As time flies by… ✈️

Today, one year ago, I published my then still five New Process Theses. A lot has happened since then and I would like to share with you an updated version of the ideas on how to rethink processes, which have now grown to eight New Process Principles.

In essence, it is about combining the good ideas from the New Work approach with BPM to bring people into the center of BPM – and processes to the next level. 🚀

🥁🥁🥁 Tadadada… And here are the eight New Process Principles to rethink processes:

1. Inspire people for excellent processes: We share the purpose of process management, enable people, and create the basis for excellent processes by implementing the process management fundamentals.

2. Trust the people working in and on the process: We design processes that guarantee people the freedom to make independent decisions.

3. Involve the people working in the process into the work on the process: We create transparency and ask all involved parties for their advice.

4. Foster the development of the people in the process: We provide formats for training of the people in the process and facilitate sharing of experience.

5. Design cooperation in and on the process to meet people’s needs: We act as role models for open cooperation and create the best possible environment for the people.

6. Encourage diversity and inclusion through processes: We are sensitive to the uniqueness of people and their needs. We are aware of different cultures of the people and see these specialties as enrichment to be incorporated into process diversity.

7. Disrupt established processes: We are courageous to question and radically redesign well-established processes.

8. Give meaning to the process: Together with the people, we work out „why“ a process is meaningful and create a basis for joint action. – Also for the process of process management itself.

All these principles can be considered when designing and managing business process.

Which New Process Principle are you going to apply today?

PS: An example, how this can be done in a structured way, can be found in the New Process Life Cycle. You can learn more about New Process in the New Process Booster on September 9, 2021.


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