Don’t miss these New Process topics for 2023

Don’t miss these New Process topics for 2023

#021: Learn more about the top topics of the New Process community as well as the recommendations by BPM thought leaders for 2023.

In this episode, I’m looking back on 2022 and provide an outlook on the top topics for the year 2023. 😊

Therefore, I’m not only sharing the results of the New Process Survey with your topics for 2023, I’m also exploring the topics of a number of BPM thought leaders. To do this, I asked them for their recommendations, which topics the New Process Community should focus on in 2023.

Finally, I provide my own outlook to 2023 and share with you, what I’m planning to work on to rethink processes and to find new ways to inspire people for processes.

Today’s Guests

J-M Erlendson & Roland Woldt
J-M and Roland are hosts of the “What’s your baseline?” podcast which you will find here…

Caspar Jans
Caspar is Senior Director Transformation Solutions EMEA at Software AG and has been one of my guests of the New Process Podcast before to talk about ARIS

Jakub Dvořák and Patrick Bogner
Jakub and Patrick are hosts of the “Mining your business” podcast which you will find here…

Wil van der Aalst
Wil is the godfather of process mining, Professor at RWTH Aachen, and Chief Scientist at Celonis

You’ll find the article on object-centric process mining here…

Marlon Dumas
Marlon is Co-Founder of the process mining software Apromore and Professor at University of Tartu

Ema Roloff
Ema is on a mission to demistify the world of Digital Transformation

Nico Bitzer
Nico is Co-Founder and CEO of Bots & People

Roger Tregear
Roger is BPM consultant, educator, & coach, as well as author of “Reimagining Management” and a real process-based management evangelist

Can Adiguzel
Can is founder of 360 Digital Transformation and host of the Digital Mittelstand podcast which can be found here…

You’ll learn

  • What the recommendations of the BPM thought leaders on LinkedIn for 2023 are
  • What the top topics of the New Process Community for 2023 are
  • What I will finally focus on with my work in 2023 to support you best in rethinking processes and inspiring people for processes

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