How EPC supports you to rethink processes with Scott Armstrong from Interfacing

How EPC supports you to rethink processes with Scott Armstrong from Interfacing

#022: The search for a human-centric BPM tool continues with Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center and an interview with Scott Armstrong.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Scott Armstrong from Interfacing about EPC. EPC stands for Enterprise Process Center and is Interfacing’s integrated management system. Scott provides deep insights into the tool and how EPC helps rethink processes. Exciting are also his predictions for the BPM tool market and what of it is already on the roadmap for EPC.

Today’s Guests

Scott Armstrong

Scott is an entrepreneur, innovator, keynote speaker, and soon to be father. He is managing partner of Interfacing and its global subsidiaries and he is partner of Dempton Solutions, which is an IT consulting firm.

As I learned, he’s an avid skier. He used to compete in mogul competitions. He has an appetite for risk in business and life: He lives by the motto, work harder, play harder. 🚀

Interfacing as a pioneer in processes. It launched one of the first business process re-engineering modeling and simulation engines back in 1994 and then also one of the first web-based central repository solutions in 2000 as part of the Michael Hemmer BPM movement.

Interfacing was acquired by Scott and his partners seven years ago and has grown to become one of the leading global digital twin solutions. Interfacing offers a full BPM suite from modeling, analysis, simulation to automation. And what makes interfacing really interesting for me as an airline guy is their solution’s capabilities to cover all compliance requirements of highly regulated industries like airlines, MRO, pharma, MedTech, and so on. They are very specialized also in the coverage of all QMS, GRC, BPM, and EA requirements.

You’ll learn

  • What the underlying philosophy of EPC is
  • How to model processes in EPC
  • How employees retrieve their processes in EPC
  • How EPC fosters the development of people
  • How EPC supports you to design cooperation on and in the process to people’s needs
  • What developments of the BPM tool market Scott sees
  • What EPC has on its development roadmap
  • What EPC costs and how you can test it


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