How to build a process community with Miikka Leinonen from Ghost Community

How to build a process community with Miikka Leinonen from Ghost Community

#010: Learn from Miikka Leinonen how to build a community and find out how this can be applied to your process to develop and leverage a process community.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Miikka Leinonen about how to build a community and we are transferring his experience to processes to learn how to build a process community. – A community of all the people working in a specific business process. I became aware of his work on LinkedIn, where he is publishing valuable impulses on community building. So I invited him to the podcast to find out more on how to build communities.

Today’s Guest

Miikka Leinonen

Miikka is Community Advisor at Ghost Community and Strategic Innovation Advisor at Ghost Company, based in Helsinki, Finland. – On their LinkedIn profile they say: Ghost Company. Not an agency. Not a consultancy. A Ghost Company. 😊

Previously, he worked as a Creative Director and Visual Strategist in different companies for many years and now he’s focused on helping companies build corporate communities.

You’ll learn

  • Which three elements you need to successfully build a community
  • What the three different types of communities are and how to use these to get all the benefits
  • How to build a community in general and how to apply this to processes to develop and leverage a process community for your own business process
  • Which difficulty Miikka sees and how to approach this when developing a formal process community instead of an informal community


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