Wil van der Aalst’s recommendations on how to involve the people working in the process in a process mining project

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast I had the honor to speak with the godfather of process mining himself: Wil van der Aalst! Wil is well known for the development of process mining. I’ve been wanting to do a podcast on this topic for a long time, so I was super excited to talk to him as he is one of the most experienced experts in this field.

In addition to topics about process mining in general and how he sees the future of it (also in relation to machine learning), I was of course very interested in the human-centric approach.

Check out the video for his recommendation to process owners on how to involve the people working in a process into a process mining project:

  1. have high-level management support: in order to find the real problems and improve something, it is always helpful to have the support of people who can make a difference in an easier way.
  2. create a level of transparency: like a canteen live show – create an awareness that you can use process mining to make visible what you cannot normally see.
  3. It should be seen as an ongoing effort: for as many processes as possible, it should become a way of life in an organization. Focusing on the quality of processes can be incredibly powerful, rather than treating it as just another short-term project that is likely to fail.

Listen to the episode of the New Process Podcast here.


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