The AI Co-Pilot for BPM is already here

“Hey Mirko, I think we got this AI thing already in our tool!” – something along these lines was the message I received from David Lange after he listened to the New Process Podcast episode (episode 29) with Benjamin Dehant a few weeks ago. Benjamin and I were talking about using AI (like ChatGPT) to rethink processes. So after having a quick chat, Daniel and I decided to share with you the AI features of aiio. [unpaid content]

Take a look for yourself!

How does it work?

  • The “AI-based process optimization feature” works like a co-worker.
  • It collects all stored data (such as task titles, start/end events, swimlanes, roles, names, documents).
  • Then – by connecting to ChatGPT – combines them with a comprehensive prompt.
  • It generates AI proposals based on the actual process.
  • You can store these proposals.
  • It gives general advice, but also advice directly related to the process

How to try it?

It is included in the current version of aiio and you can even try it in the trial version.

What’s next?

  • aiio is currently working on a proper risk management solution including AI.
  • The features are getting better and better as AI learns with time.
  • Soon you will be able to create your own prompts.

What do you think about the AI features of aiio?

Feel free to listen to episode 17 in which the tool “aiio” is introduced.


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