How to improve your process modeling

I love the art of process modeling! That’s why I was really excited about speaking to Kevin Tan about his concept of process-bility – three techniques to make process modeling more understandable for everyone (which is one of the New Process principles).

  1. Storytelling: By telling one story after another in the process model, with a clear start, middle, and end, it can help different stakeholders to understand the process.
  2. Simplicity: To keep a process model simple, one must aim to represent the process in the most straightforward way possible, without any unnecessary or redundant elements. This reduces the risk of confusion and makes the model easier to understand and maintain.
  3. Visual balance: It should help the reader to focus on the real problem rather than try to understand the model. Therefore there are some key points to stick on:
    → reading the model should go from left to right
    → arrange all objects in a flow – like in a swimlane
    → don’t make it too complicated – try to fit it on one page

Check out the video of Kevin for an example of visual balance.

It is important to mention, that there is no typical model to follow. Still having his own style of modeling is essential and the fun part must not be forgotten.

To learn more, listen to episode 31 of the New Process Podcast.


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