The Top BPM Topics for 2024

A month ago, I asked you to take part in my little survey about current BPM trends, expectations for the coming year, and feedback on my work. I’m really happy that more than 70 BPM enthusiasts took part. 😍 As many of you asked, here are the results:

To get a deeper understanding of the results, it is important to understand which roles the participants are holding:

  • 13% of the participants work as BPM consultants for other companies
  • 15% are responsible for the operation of a BPM system in their own organization
  • 15% are BPM users such as Process Owners, Process Architects, or Process Managers
  • 35% are internal BPM consultants within their company

The other participants are researchers, tool vendors or a mix of these roles.

And it is also interesting, in which country the participants live in:

  • 72% from Germany
  • 10% from Austria
  • 7% from Switzerland

But there were also participants from Greece, Iran, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Australia, and Brazil.

And here are the top BPM Topics for 2024:

To find out, I’ve read all your answers, grouped and categorized them to find the big topics for 2024. In total, more than 25 different categories were identified, but I will only point out the ones with more than 10 mentions.

  • #5: Apply Process Mining (mentioned by 15% of all participants)
  • #4: Implement BPM Governance: e.g., definition of BPM Roles and the Process of Process Management (mentioned by 19%)
  • #3: Model processes & design process architecture (mentioned by 32%)
  • #2: Continuous Improvement (incl. Lean, Six Sigma), digitalization (incl. Automation), and application of Artificial Intelligence in Processes or BPM in general (mentioned by 43%)
  • #1: Inspire people for processes (mentioned by 64%)

I also got some insights from top BPM leaders on their outlook for the coming year. Just listen to the latest episode of the New Process Podcast to hear what they are saying and to learn more about the detailed results of the survey.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey and of course to everyone who is part of the New Process community!


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