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How ShiftX supports you to rethink processes

#047 Let’s find out how the tool ShiftX with a human-centric approach and its own notation can help to rethink processes!

How does ShiftX look like?

In the last episode of the New Process Podcast I spoke with Eigil Sagafos about the tool ShiftX that he and his colleague are developing. They point out the human-centered approach, that it’s so simple and easy to use that you don’t need any special training or skills. But how is it built? Watch the video as Eigil explains.

Unlock the power of human connection with Julia von Winterfeldt from SOULWORX

#046 Let’s focus on the human-centric aspect (again)!

The three elements of purpose with Julia von Winterfeldt

In the last episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Julia von Winterfeldt about the importance of human connection. She encouraged how crucial it is to take the time to reflect and define your own individual purpose.

How to develop a digital mindset with Julian Knorr

#045 Let’s take a deep dive into the topic of digital mindset.

Julian Knorr about the “mindset navigator” and the “iceberg of processes”

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Julian Knorr about the importance of having the right mindset. He shared some insights about his invention, the Mindset Navigator.

Guest on the DGQ podcast!

I was a guest on the DGQ (”Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität” – “German Society for Quality”) Quality Podcast – a German podcast about quality management.

The Hot BPM Skills in 2024 with Zbigniew Misiak

#044 Let’s hear what the creator of “BPM Skills – Hot or not” has to say about the outlook for 2024.

Zbigniew Misiak’s recommendations on rethinking processes

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Zbigniew Misiak about his research work “BPM Skills – Hot or not” – a series he started 8 years ago to collect thoughts on BPM topics from BPM thought leaders, practitioners and people from academia about which BPM topics are currently hot and which are no longer relevant from their individual perspective. Based on this he shared his recommendations on how to get people excited about processes.

How to use branding and storytelling to inspire people for processes with Carolin Junge

#043 Let’s find out how to get people excited about processes through branding and storytelling!