Gamification ideas to inspire people for processes with Jasmin Karatas

Gamification ideas to inspire people for processes with Jasmin Karatas

#016: Jasmin explains how to develop gamifications. – This opens up a whole new world for me to inspire people for processes!

In this episode, I’m speaking with Jasmin Karatas to learn more about how gamification can be applied to inspire people for processes.

I learned from Jasmin that gamification has a lot to do with processes and I see a huge potential in using gamifications for example for process trainings to get people excited about processes.

Jasmin explains very clearly how gamifications are developed and gives many good examples. In the recap, I summarize my learnings for you, so you can leave the episode with a lot of inspiration and practical tips. Have fun listening!

And if you are interested in rethinking the pizza restaurant game, feel free to send me an email with the subject “I love pizza” to

Today’s Guests

Jasmin Karatas

Jasmin describes herself as a Gamification Advisor & Consultant, UX-Expert, Speaker, and Content Creator who helps you to create emotional and gamified experiences your audience can’t get enough.

She is a Solopreneur, located in Zürich, Switzerland. She is working as Gamification Advisor & Strategic Designer since 2020. Before this, she worked for Accenture and other companies as Innovation Manager, Gamification Consultant and Strategic Designer.

She also hosts her own JayKays Twitch channel where she is sharing tips & tricks on gamification to make the world a little bit more playful.

You’ll learn

  • What a Gamification Advisor is doing
  • How to proceed to develop gamifications
  • How to apply gamification methods to push your process trainings to the next level
  • How to use gamification to inspire people for processes
  • How Twitch can be used to share ideas and to inspire people for processes
  • What Jasmin’s top 3 recommendations are to rethink processes


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