How ARIS supports you to rethink processes with Caspar Jans and J-M Erlendson from Software AG

How ARIS supports you to rethink processes with Caspar Jans and J-M Erlendson from Software AG

#015: Join me to explore the latest version of ARIS in a super entertaining episode with Caspar Jans and J-M Erlendson from Software AG.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Caspar Jans and J-M Erlendson form Software AG to learn more about the tool ARIS. My last usage of ARIS was more than 10 years ago and I was really surprised about all the improvements of the tool. So join me and explore how ARIS supports you to rethink processes.

PS: You will find the video with the two use cases in the resources section below. 😊

Today’s Guests

Caspar Jans

Caspar is Senior Director Transformation Solutions EMEA at Software AG since 2018. He is based in the south of the Netherlands.

Before joining Software AG, he worked for more than 16 years in several process management, purchasing and logistics positions for DSM, a Dutch life science company.

Caspar is a basketball fan, likes to play golf, to read and to watch movies. He also has runs his personal website where he collects all of his brain dumps on business process management. You will find the link below.

J-M Erlendson

J-M is Lead Business/Process Transformation Engineer and Project Manager at Software AG with over 15 years of experience in Business Process Management and Project Management. He is based in Toronto, United States.

He is Co-host of the What’s Your Baseline podcast, focusing on best practices for Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture.

Besides working in process, J-M is a singer and beatboxer, performing with Countermeasure and its associated a cappella groups, recording and releasing multiple award-winning albums, and touring around the world. He is a founder and chairman of the board of SING! The Toronto International Vocal Arts Festival, an a cappella-focused festival and music education charity.

You’ll learn

  • What the underlying philosophy of ARIS is
  • How to model processes in ARIS
  • How employees retrieve their processes in ARIS
  • How ARIS inspires people for processes
  • What developments of the BPM tool market Caspar and J-M see
  • how ARIS roadmaps… No, I wanted to ask: How does the ARIS roadmap look like? But you have to listen to the podcast to understand this. 😉
  • What ARIS costs and how you can test it


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