How Skore supports you to rethink processes with Craig J Willis

How Skore supports you to rethink processes with Craig J Willis

#013: In the first “real” tool interview to find a human-centric BPM tool, I’m talking to Craig J Willis to learn more about Skore.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Craig J Willis about the tool Skore developed by his company Skore Labs.

I’m very happy that Craig has accepted this challenge to tell us more about Skore in the podcast. We talk about the underlying philosophy and Craig explains how to model and find processes in Skore. We explore Skore’s contribution to rethinking processes and how Craig sees the BPM tool market evolving.

In addition, Craig explains how you can test Skore yourself and he also has a promising offer ready for you.

So let’s find out together if Skore is a human-centric BPM tool.

PS: You will find the video with the two use cases in the resources section below. 😊

Today’s Guest

Craig J Willis

Craig is the CEO of Skore Labs and he founded the company back in 2017. Before this, he worked as a business transformation and improvement consultant internationally with some of the world’s largest organizations in finance, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and technology businesses.

As I’ve learned, he’s not only a process geek, but also an airline geek. So the structure of the interview fits perfectly.

Skore Labs, the company behind Skore, is located in the city of Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK. It has grown to over 150 customers which are using Skore to drive various initiatives from systems implementation, outsourcing, process standardization, and continuous improvement.

You’ll learn

  • What the underlying philosophy of Skore is
  • How to model processes in Skore
  • How employees retrieve their processes in Skore
  • How Skore inspires people for processes
  • What developments of the BPM tool market Craig sees and what is on the Skore roadmap
  • What Skore costs, how you can test it, and what Craig offers to you as a New Process Podcast listener


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