An extraordinary conversation on BPM tools with Bernd Ruecker from Camunda

An extraordinary conversation on BPM tools with Bernd Ruecker from Camunda

#012: Camunda’s Chief Technologist Bernd Ruecker provides a comprehensive overview of the BPM tool market and we deep dive into how Camunda supports us to rethink processes.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Bernd Ruecker about BPM tools to kick off the interview series with BPM tool vendors to find a human-centric BPM tool. It is going to be an extraordinary conversation with Bernd because Camunda is not really what I am looking for when searching for a human-centric BPM tool. – But the conversation was eye-opening for me especially with regards to how to get to a higher maturity level in BPM. So don’t miss it! 🚀

Today’s Guest

Bernd Ruecker

Bernd is Chief Technologist at Camunda and he co-founded the company together with Jakob Freund in 2008. Since then, Camunda has become the first address when it comes to process automation.

What many people may not know, Bernd once also worked for Lufthansa, just like me. And that’s where we met back in 2001. 😊

You’ll learn

  • How to segment the different types of BPM tools on the market
  • Which segment Camunda is working on and how Camunda can be applied to automate processes
  • What the typical and not so typical use cases for automating processes with Camunda are
  • What Bernd recommends to rethink processes
  • How to start with automating your process


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