Carolin Junge’s tips on branding and storytelling and how to get people excited

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I spoke with Carolin Junge. She is a branding specialist and knows how to get people excited about brands. She also shared her tips on branding and storytelling, and how to overcome the “getting started” problem when it comes to writing.

  1. Observing, Listening, Asking – The Cornerstones
    The foundation of any powerful story lies in these basic yet powerful practices: observing, listening, and asking questions. They are essential to deeply understanding a brand’s context and audience, and to creating stories that truly resonate.
  2. Experience and Imagination in Story Crafting
    A blend of personal experience, intuitive insights, and a dash of creativity is also important for storytelling in branding. This mix helps in shaping narratives that not only capture the essence of a brand but also inspire and connect with people on a personal level.
  3. The heart of a brand: Its core story
    Every brand has a unique essence, often hidden beneath the surface. Unearthing this core through storytelling can reveal what makes a brand truly exciting and different.
  4. Authenticity in narrative
    The authenticity of a story is paramount. It’s about crafting narratives that genuinely reflect the brand’s values and ethos, creating a deeper emotional connection with the audience.
  5. Storylistening as a method
    Storylistening involves actively listening to the stories people in the company tell about their experiences, revealing the underlying values and emotions that you can use to truly define a brand or community.

Check out episode 43 of the New Process Podcast to listen to the full interview with Carolin Junge.


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