How to get to the cutting edge of BPM with Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn from University of Bamberg

How to get to the cutting edge of BPM with Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn from University of Bamberg

#008: Explore how research can help you to solve your BPM challenges and to get to the very front of the BPM development.

In this episode, I’m interviewing Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn from University of Bamberg to explore how to get to the cutting edge of BPM.

I have been working with Daniel on several research projects since 2009 and I really appreciate his experience. He shares his thoughts on the top BPM research topics as well as on his own research topics in the field of business process management. – An outlook to the upcoming years of the BPM development.

But we also deep dive into how research can help to solve process challenges in all kinds of organizations. Therefore, he provides methodologies as well as examples on how this can be done. And he offers to support you with your BPM challenges:

Call for cases: Within the episode, we open up a call for cases to find research-backed solutions to your BPM challenges. So if you have a major process-related question in your organization, feel free to contact me to connect you with Daniel for finding an appropriate solution. – And maybe, we can also discuss your case here in the New Process Podcast and share the learnings with the community.

To hand in your cases, just send me a message.

In addition, Daniel also shares his ideas on how to rethink processes. So a lot of input for you! Don’t miss it!

Today’s Guest

Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn

Daniel is professor for Information Systems at the University of Bamberg since 2018. Before that, he was professor for Information Systems at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and headed the ProcessLab of Frankfurt School together with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Moormann.

He was visiting Scholar at MIT and Georgia State University, he holds a diploma and a PhD from Goethe University Frankfurt and he is researching in the fields of digital transformation & innovation, outsourcing management, IT and process standardization as well as enterprise architecture management.

You’ll learn

  • What the hot BPM research topics are and what Daniel is researching right now
  • How scaled agile organizations look like, what problems Daniel sees and how to fix them
  • What Daniels recommendations are to rethink processes and to get to a more human-centric BPM
  • What you can do to stay at the front of the BPM development
  • How other companies partnered with researchers to solve BPM problems
  • What research can do for you to improve your BPM


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