Process Maturity with and without New Process

I was shocked when I realized this at yesterday’s New Process Think Tank! 😳

For more than a year, I have been fighting for “more genuine, deeper, more sustainable“ processes instead of “higher, faster, further“.

But then I created this comparison of maturity levels with and without New Process. – And it shows that with New Process, you will get faster to an even higher maturity level! 🤔

Yes, New Process adds human-centricity to processes. The New Process approach aims for inspiring the people for processes. It creates transparency. It involves the people working in the processes into the work on the processes. It enables the people, and it gives meaning to processes. – And all these more genuine and deeper interactions will lead to a more sustainable implementation, and you will also reach a higher maturity level even faster… 🚀

I think I need to think about it. What do you think? 🤓

PS: The first five steps of the maturity model are just an example of different maturity levels…


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