New Process Think Tank on how to “Disrupt established processes”

Sometimes something completely unexpected happens and the result is still – or because of it – great! 🙃

For today’s Think Tank, my plan was to talk with a bigger group of New Process enthusiasts about the New Process principle “Disrupt established processes”.

But my actual plan was already disrupted by the fact that either the LinkedIn algorithm didn’t like the topic or there was little interest in it.

So today we met in a small but very exquisite circle of experts from my LinkedIn BPM bubble to talk about New Process. 🚀

With regards to the content, we had a very inspiring exchange on various BPM topics, not only about how to disrupt established processes.

Once again, it became clear to me how important it is NOT to see cultural differences as a hurdle, but to consciously address them in order to unite and inspire people working on and in processes. This starts at the boundaries of a department and can be extended to different locations, countries, age groups, etc. 🌏

Regarding the main topic, we can state that it is absolutely desirable to regularly question established processes and to consciously look for other ways of solving customers’ problems. To get to the next level, process owners should be challenged to break standards and innovate their processes regularly. To do this, mistakes should be encouraged and failure should be celebrated. 🥳

I find this topic very fascinating and will continue to research in the direction of process innovation to share tools, methods and best practices with you.

To get right into it, I’m sharing a slide with a few examples of how established processes can be disrupted. What would you add?


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