New Process Think Tank: How to inspire people for processes

This is the biggest BPM challenge in 2022!

Based on the results of my BPM Topics 2022 survey, 59% of all participants named “How to inspire people for processes“ as one of their challenges in 2022. – And I am sure it is not the first time that this has been a major challenge. In the years before, too, there has been a lot of talks on how to get people excited about BPM. But now it is time to finally find a solution.

With New Process, I am taking up the challenge to look at this together with you and to be able to provide an answer for the future as to how this can be successfully achieved.

So, I would like to invite all interested parties to the next New Process Think Tank on April 26, 2022! And this time there will be two sessions to allow all time zones to participate.

Register now! Participation is of course free of charge:

The session is scheduled for 1.5 hours and besides discussing how to solve the problem, I would also like to give you an overview of the current state of New Process.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys! 😊

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