How to innovate processes

When I think about New Processes I automatically think about innovation. It is such a huge and important part of rethinking processes because with the help of innovation you get new perspectives and can find better ways to achieve desired results. It becomes clear that one of the best ways to receive those results is to involve the people.

On my latest episode of the New Process Podcast, I had the opportunity to talk with Mister Inno himself: Nelson Inno.

It was a really inspiring interview and he shared a lot of his knowledge with us.

As you can see in the following video, he shared his top recommendations to rethink processes:

  1. Visualize the process – this is key to understanding the process and identifying areas for improvement. Use different tools and techniques such as sketching, painting, lego or a process model
  2. Print it out and cut it into pieces – to make it touchable and changeable for everyone
  3. Engage the team – give tasks to the team by adding and removing things and encourage them to present their ideas for improving the process. This can lead to new insights and a more collaborative approach to process innovation.

Have you ever experienced innovation in processes? As it is such an inspiring topic I would love to get into it more and more in the future. So feel free to contact me for advices, tipps, suggestions..

And of course feel free to listen to the latest episode of New Process Podcast and give feedback (so I can get a chance to innovate 😉)


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