Become a Process Influencer to inspire people for processes

For a long time I had this idea of a Process Influencer in my head. A person who uses content creation methods and tools such as videos, podcasts, and posts on corporate or even social media to inspire the people of an organization for processes.

To explore this idea further, I invited Andreas Bierwirth to the New Process Podcast to learn more about how he creates content. Andreas is founder of the content creation company ABmotion and I really like what he shares on LinkedIn.

You may be wondering why in the world you should become a Process Influencer. To me, the reasons are obvious if you want to inspire your organization – everyone from the C-suite down to every single employee – to embrace process: It is super important to communicate in an inspiring way, it is super important to create transparency about what you are doing, and it is even more important to make your process activities and you as a person visible to the organization.

But how can you do that?

I’m thinking of the following activities:

  • Share posts that provide insights into what you are doing on internal platforms such as Yammer or even on LinkedIn or other public social media platforms
  • Publish videos with interviews or workshop results on your intranet
  • Start an internal process podcast interviewing those involved in what you’re doing
  • Host online and offline events to inspire people for processes
  • Or, following the podcast episode with Jasmin Karatas, be brave enough to start your own Twitch channel 😉

All these activities will help to create a community and inspire people for processes.

I asked Andreas what he thinks it takes to become a successful Process Influencer:

His three recommendations to really inspire people as a Process Influencer are:

  1. Add emotions and humour to what you are doing. Don’t take yourself too serious.
  2. Remember that people out there aren’t process management experts. Try to use stories that are relevant to their lives.
  3. Combine process management with other things (e.g., hobbies, books) that you are passionate about and that others might be passionate about as well.

In the hope that these impulses have sparked your interest, why not try yourself out in the role of a Process Influencer? And if you want to learn more about it, feel free to contact me. As shared in the podcast, we just launched a process podcast at a customer. It’s super easy and gets great results fast!

If you’d like to learn more, you can find the full interview here…


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