State of New Process

#030 Let’s recap the current state of New Process

AI – Threat or Chance for human-centric BPM

In the latest episode of the New Process Podcast I talked to Benjamin Dehant about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on processes. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about this topic.

How to apply Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT to rethink processes with Benjamin Dehant

#029 Benjamin and I talk about various AI topics and the opportunities they present for BPM.

How to innovate processes

When I think about New Processes I automatically think about innovation. It is such a huge and important part of rethinking processes because with the help of innovation you get new perspectives and can find better ways to achieve desired results. It becomes clear that one of the best ways to receive those results is to involve the people.

How to innovate processes with Nelson Inno from weSpark

#028 Let’s dive into the huge topic of innovation together with Nelson Inno.

Let’s ‘glue’ our broken work!

In this episode, I’m talking to Søren Pommer, CEO and Founder of “Gluu”. As it is already an established platform by helping more than one hundred businesses and thousands of users in almost 60 countries, I wanted to have a closer look how it can help involving the people in the process into the work on the process.

How Gluu supports you to rethink processes with Søren Pommer from Gluu

#027: Søren and I are talking about the BPM tool “Gluu” and how it helps with its clear design involving the employees.

How Comm’ant supports you to rethink processes with David Ruting from Comm’ant Management Systems

#026: David and I talk about the BPM tool Comm’ant to explore if it is a human-centric BPM tool or not.

How BIC supports you to rethink processes with Marc Stromberg from GBTEC

#025: My search for a human-centric BPM tool continues and BIC must not be missing in this. Thus, I invited Marc Stromberg to explore the latest version of BIC.