How To Define The Purpose Of Your Process

Have you ever thought about defining the purpose of your process? – Knowing why a process exist, will help you to push the process to the next level. The process purpose will guide all your activities and it will inspire and motivate to work in and on the process.

But how to define a process purpose?

We have discussed this question in the previous New Process Think Tanks and came up with a simple to use methodology. You can learn more about this methodology in the following video:

You can download the New Process Canvas by filling out the form below. Applying the canvas can be done on your own or with members of your process community. Just give it a try!

It would be great if you share your results and learnings with the community afterwards. To do so, please contact me and participate in the next New Process Think Tank. By downloading the New Process Canvas, you will also get the New Process Update and I will inform you about the dates as soon as I start planning the next Think Tank sessions.

Get the Process Purpose Canvas and give it a try:

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