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An extraordinary conversation on BPM tools with Bernd Ruecker from Camunda

#012: Camunda’s Chief Technologist Bernd Ruecker provides a comprehensive overview of the BPM tool market and we deep dive into how Camunda supports us to rethink processes.

My three pieces of advice to push your BPM ahead

#009: While I was pushing BPM in the Lufthansa Group, I often came across challenges where I didn’t know how we should proceed. In this episode, I share with you my three pieces of advice on how to approach such situations.

Finding a human-centric BPM tool

#007: A few weeks ago, I asked for a human-centric BPM tool in LinkedIn and received a long list of potential tools. Now, I’m starting my evaluation by defining the requirements and asking BPM tool vendors for more information to schedule podcast interview session. But this episode is also very relevant for BPM users, not only for vendors, to explore how a human-centric BPM tool could look like.

The search for a human-centric BPM tool has begun…

A few weeks ago, I asked for suggestions for a human-centric BPM tool on LinkedIn and started a discussion with more than 100 comments ending up with a list of 50+ BPM tools. – But which one is really human-centric? And what exactly are the requirements for a human-centric BPM tool?