New Process Booster: How to rethink processes

New Process Booster

The New Process Booster is a 2-hour online session packed with New Process tools, methods and best practices to inspire and empower you on how to take your process to the next level.

​It’s all about the human-centric New Process approach – a symbiosis of New Work and BPM – for a more real, deeper, and more sustainable process management.​ New Process adds a human-centric mindset to the already proven BPM tools and methods we know from the past.

You will learn:

  • What New Process really is about
  • How to apply New Process to your own process
  • How to bring New Process to life within your organization
  • How to give meaning to processes
  • How to get started with New Process to rethink your process

New Process Booster is for:

  • New Work enthusiasts open to a structured approach to bring New Work into the organization
  • Process Owners, Architects, and Managers looking for ideas on how to innovate their processes and inspire their process community
  • Managers of change, transformation, or digitalization projects looking for a structured approach to transform their organization
  • Entrepreneurs scaling up their business
  • Organizational developers willing to apply new methods to transform an organization in an industry proven way
  • Quality managers looking for new ways to boost process quality and performance
  • Consultants, coaches, and trainers searching for new methods to apply to customer projects

And of course, the New Process Booster is also for anyone interested in new business methods and tools! 🙂

Why should you listen to me?

I am on fire for solving business and process challenges. I spent many years fighting for excellent processes in a leading aviation group and gained great experience in a wide variety of projects. Along the way, I did a lot of research in joint projects with universities, benchmarked with other organizations, consulted customers, and applied the learnings to the business again.

I stand for transparency and diversity. I like to break with old patterns and love to deliberately do things differently. – I’m also the guy who brought a roadshow container sprayed with colorful graffiti onto the factory site to hold workshops with employees in it that are accessible to everyone as contribution to a cultural change project.

How does the New Process Booster look like?

We will meet via Zoom for the New Process Booster and after a brief introduction with some insights into who is participating in the session, we will dive right into the content.

There will be a massive block with New Process tools, methods, and best practices from my side. To facilitate know how transfer even more, we will have interactive parts to share experience with the other participants and an extensive question and answer session at the end of the booster.

After the event, you will get access to a recording as well as to the slide deck presented in the New Process Booster.

In addition to Zoom, we will use Slido for some of the interactive parts. Both tools can be used without registration and no additional cost will apply. You will receive all necessary access data a few days before the event. To provide hassle-free access to the New Process Booster, I will offer a tech test in advance to check your access to Zoom, if you like to.

The sessions will be held in English as long as not all participants agree to hold the sessions in German.

By participating in the New Process Booster, you will get:

  • a deep understanding of New Process and the underlying New Process Principles to enable you for the application of New Process
  • a set of practical methods for using New Process to trigger and drive an effective change process in your organization in a structured way. No matter which specific challenges you have to master: continuous improvement, innovation, new business models, digital transformation, international growth or coping with the Covid impact. New Process brings methods to manage it.
  • a deep insight into the topic of Process Purpose and you will learn about specific tools that can be used to inspire people to work in and on the process in a completely new way.
  • a kick-start to get up and running with New Process and take processes to a new level.
  • an opportunity to expand your expert network, discuss new ideas, and gain insight into other organizations.

Plus! – Checklist and Templates

To complement all this in-depth knowledge, you will get access to specific checklists and templates to put New Process to work immediately.

When does the New Process Booster take place?

The next New Process Booster is expected to take place in Summer 2022. Join the waiting list now to be informed as soon as new dates are set.

As an additional thank you for registering early via the waiting list, you will get a 10% coupon code to redeem as soon as registration begins.

Don’t wait, sign up right now, and let’s begin to rethink processes together!