Give meaning to the process

Together with the people, work out WHY a process is meaningful and create a basis for joint action. – Also for the process of process management itself.

I am aware that we are now entering an area with a great danger of getting into bullshit bingo. Nevertheless, I would like to put forward the thesis that the consideration of the WHY will become more and more important to reach people emotionally and give meaning to their work in and on the process.

Everybody should know WHY a specific process is in place and what benefits it creates. – Something that has been neglected for far too long.

I believe that more and more organizations will start to think about their purpose and that this purpose will then be reflected in process design and process execution.

This would mean that the approach of Simon Sinek’s WHY-HOW-WHAT would be completely mapped into processes by using the process design to define the HOW as well as the process execution to address the WHAT. — But there is still a lot of work to do. To be continued…

Now you know the New Process Principles. To learn how to apply the principles, have a look into the New Process Toolbox.