Request for Information: Finding a human-centric BPM tool

RFI: Finding a human-centric BPM tool

Dear BPM software vendors,

Thank you so much for taking up my request and for your interest in submitting your tool to the search for a human-centric BPM tool.

On this page you will find all the necessary information to propose your tool for selection and provide information.

I will carefully evaluate the information and then schedule podcast interviews for the New Process Podcast to learn more about the tool and share the insights directly with the New Process community.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much! 🤗

Overview of requirements

I am looking for a BPM tool that supports the human-centric New Process approach in the best possible way and helps to get people excited about processes. To make this possible, I have compiled my requirements for the tool along the New Process Principles:

Inspire people for excellent processes:

  • The tool has a simple user interface. It is reduced to a minimum of features for non-expert users. It is developed with a focus on high usability. It has a modern look and feel that makes working with the processes fun.
  • The tool uses a simple notation which is easy to read and fosters a fast understanding of processes. The processes in the tool can easily be used for communication and training purposes.
  • The tool makes it simple to retrieve processes containing the information needed to execute processes. It has a role-based approach and is designed to access the processes with a minimum of clicks.
  • Revisions are highlighted for the users to read only what is necessary to understand process changes.
  • The tool has a functionality to link to tools and documents for process execution. Documents can be uploaded to an integrated document management system within the tool itself.
  • As an add-on for management systems, legal and normative requirements can be registered in the tool and linked to processes to demonstrate conformity to authorities and certification bodies.

Involve the people in the process into the work on the process:

  • The tool helps to make people visible and accessible. Roles like Process Owner, Process Architect, but also Line Managers – accountable for process execution – and Employees – responsible for process execution can be assigned and presented.
  • Users can give input for improvements for example by a feedback feature or commenting on processes.
  • Users can share processes with others for example by sending a process link.
  • The tool involves management (i.e., Process Owners) into the approval workflow for new and revised processes.
  • The tool offers a cockpit with all the relevant information and features for Process Owners, Process Architects etc.
  • Line Managers can assign roles from processes to their employees to clarify responsibilities.
  • The tool has a functionality for mapping of organizational structure and assignment of roles to organizational units.

Encourage diversity and inclusion through processes:

  • The tool has a functionality to present local specifics in processes. E.g., highlight that some activities are relevant for a specific location only.

Foster the development of the people in the process:

  • An inspiring tool training is available as webinar, video etc.

Disrupt established processes:

  • No specific requirements here, but I would be interested in your ideas how a tool can support users to innovate processes.

Design cooperation in and on the process to meet peoples needs:

  • The tool offers a report to analyze “who cooperates with whom” in a specific process.

Trust the people working in and on the process:

  • No specific requirements here, but feel free to suggest your ideas!

Give meaning to processes:

  • The tool is able to present the Why of a process (i.e., the purpose of a process) in an inspiring way. Surprise me! 😀

Technical requirements:

  • The tool is fully web-based and optimized for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
  • The tool is offered as software-as-a-service with an option to be operated on a server in Germany.
  • The tool has a single-sign-on feature via Microsoft 365 and Google.
  • The tool has an import/export functionality from and to BPMN 2.0 XML format as interface to other expert tools for modeling and mining.

Explore more…

To learn even more about the requirements, I recommend listening to episode 7 of the New Process Podcast, where I introduced the requirements. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform or here:

Propose your tool

If you think your tool is a candidate for a human-centric BPM tool, I would love for you to suggest it here:

There is no real deadline, but first interviews will take place in September 2022.

So don’t wait, suggest your tool! 💪