New Process Conference 2024


Get ready for the ultimate New Process experience!

April 17 & 18, 2024 – Lufthansa Seeheim, Germany

Let’s come together for two days of peer-to-peer exchange with other BPM enthusiasts, real talk and hands-on insights, and inspiring impulses with true practical relevance to rethink processes. You will meet the New Process Community in person and definitely will have lots of fun at an inspiring conference venue.


Exchanging ideas, and finally getting to know each other in person, as the human-centric approach – people are always our focus!


In comparison to the traditional, rather “boring” BPM conferences, this is truly something different: Not sales pitches, but true masters of their craft. Not glowing success stories, but real experiences with practical relevance. Not tool-driven, but 100% human-centric!


Learn from peers and masters of other disciplines to rethink processes. Get ideas you can integrate into your everyday working life with content on how to get people excited about processes!

Don’t miss the #1 BPM event 2024!

You are invited:

Our Speakers

You can be sure that our speakers are not only experts in their field, but also know how to take you deeper into these areas and give you valuable tips that you can put into practice immediately after the conference.

Matthieu Sabourin

Unlocking AI’s Transformative Power for BPM

Matthieu is co-founder of and THE expert specialized in generative AI. He already helped 10,000 people and he will also enable us to benefit from AI.

Jasmin Karatas

Gamify your process: Mastering the BPM game

Jasmin is helping businesses to embrace passion, value, and emotions through Gamification. She builds games and gamifies products, workshops, and services based on emotions and creativity using her own methods.

Leona Holzbecher

Mindful BPM: Integrating Psychology into Process Management

As a psychologist, Leona knows best about the human-centric approach and will look at how a deeper understanding of our emotional responses to processes can help us to manage them better while creating space for personal autonomy. 

Carolin Junge

Tell your Process Story: How to get people excited using branding & storytelling know-how

Caro is a branding and storytelling specialist and with her company “oh boy!” she and her colleague have helped lots of brands to find their brand vibe and tell their story. Their mission: Exciting brands.

Mirko Kloppenburg

Inspire people for processes

Mirko is founder of and helps organizations to get people excited about processes by combining process management with New Work ideas. The result: the “New Process” approach to rethink processes.

Michael Bögle

Live Podcast: WHY are we here?

A meaningful conversation about processes, expeditions und purpose. We talk about what really drives us and why we are here.

Our Barcamp Session Hosts

It’s a session-based community format for connecting with like-minded people to rethink processes. With sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes, you will have the opportunity to discuss with experts, share your best practices or get instant feedback on BPM topics that are on your mind. You can choose two sessions to attend. For more details on the sessions, you can join the New Process Pro Community.

Gia-Thi Nguyen

Have a Tea with Thi to rethink processes

Thi works at SAP in Singapore as VP for SAP Signavio’s Market Impact in Asia.

He has 20+ years of experience in different fields of BPM and is also known for his really cool video series called “Tea with Thi” about digital transformation. Meet Thi for a Tea in Seeheim!

Michael Zürn

Human-Centric Processes in Life-Saving Missions at DRF Luftrettung

Join Michael, Head of Quality Management at the DRF Luftrettung, one of the leaders in European air rescue. Together, we’ll explore how they combine meticulous process management with its vital mission of saving lives. We’ll also uncover the key processes that are critical in the high-stakes field of air rescue, highlighting the importance of a human-centric approach in these life-saving operations.

Michael Bögle

Processes in the Extreme – Connecting Polar Expeditions and BPM

Michael is Senior Director Authorities & Management System at LUFTHANSA TECHNIK AG and he will tell us what he has learned from his trips to polar regions for a more human-centric approach to processes.

Jean-Marc Erieau

From Insight to Execution:
How to get people excited about Process Mining

Jean-Marc is Director Process Mining & Execution Management at MANN+HUMMEL and a real process mining enthusiast.

He is leading one of the most impressive Process Mining initiatives in Germany and he will share his insights in this unique session.

Craig J Willis

Driving ownership and engagement with process health

Craig is CEO of Skore, a BPM tool specialized in modeling processes in UPN. Join his session to find out how to use process health and to influence positive behavioural change to drive ownership and engagement.

Dr. Carsten Behrens

Agile Process Management Systems

Dr. Carsten Behrens is Co-Founder and CEO of Modell Aachen GmbH — The company behind the interactive management system Q.Wiki.
Join Carsten to learn new perspectives on how to get people excited with agile process management systems.

Daniel Kempa

The Power of New Work to boost BPM

With Daniel Kempa, you can be sure that you will benefit from his years of experience in the field of New Work.
Join Daniel in his session on New Work to shed light on the topic and its relevance to BPM.


Two days packed with insights to rethink processes while actively engaging with the BPM community.
Join us for a thoughtful exploration of new ideas designed to meet your specific needs.

10:00 am – CHECK-IN 
10:45 am – Welcome & Keynote: Inspire people for processes

We will kick off the New Process Conference with an opening keynote on how to get management and employees excited about processes. Therefore, we will deep dive into the New Process approach to learn more about how to sustainably implement a human-centric BPM framework that encompasses purpose, strategy, design, modeling, implementation, steering, and continuous process enhancement. — This session sets the dynamic tone for this engaging 2-day event.

11:45 am – Get to know the New Process Community

Engage in an entertaining opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow conference participants. This session is designed to spark meaningful interactions, allowing you to build relationships, and explore collaborative opportunities with like-minded individuals for the conference and beyond.

12:30 pm – Lunch
DAY 1 
01:30 pm – Unlocking AI’s Transformative Power for BPM: Rethink your processes with AI as your Co-Pilot

We deep dive into the top topics of AI. Due to the rapid development in this field, we can’t know exactly what the details will be in 2024, but one thing is for sure: we have the perfect expert in Matthieu! You can also expect plenty of practical input, so you will truly experience how AI can help you to rethink processes.

3:30 pm – Gamify your process: Mastering the BPM game

What do games have to do with processes? A lot! We can use them in a focused way to gain more understanding and excitement for processes. So push your process to the next level in this deep dive expert session with a lot of practical tips and fun and with Jasmin Karatas as our gamification guide. 🚀

06:30 pm – Dinner
08:30 pm – Live Podcast Recording “WHY are we here?” and GET TOGETHER

Join our Live Podcast Session in a relaxed atmosphere with Michael Bögle. A meaningful conversation about processes, expeditions, and purpose. We’ll talk about what truly drives and why we are here. 

Afterwards, we will finish off the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with a couple of cold drinks.

09:00 – Intro
09:15 am – Bar Camp Sessions

Get ready for the ultimate practical experience! At our Bar Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and exchange with more like-minded people. With sessions by the community for the community. Every session gets 45 minutes. This time can be used for expert talks, discussions, best practices, or another inspiring type of session to rethink processes. All conference participants can choose two sessions to join.

If you are interested in hosting a session, find out more here…

12:15 pm – Lunch
01:15 pm – Tell your Process Story: How to get people excited using branding & storytelling know-how

Processes are often perceived as boring, difficult to understand, and outdated. In this session, we will uncover the art of reshaping the narrative around processes by mastering the techniques of branding, storytelling, and user experience to get people excited about processes. 

Caro is a branding and storytelling specialist and with her company “oh boy!” she and her colleague have helped lots of brands to find their brand vibe and tell their story. Their mission: Exciting brands.

02:15 pm – Mindful BPM: Integrating Psychology into Process Management

The desire for security and control that processes offer vs. the need for autonomy and self-efficacy. But is it all conflict or can we harmonize or even use one to strengthen the other?

As a psychologist, Leona knows best about the human-centric approach and will look at how a deeper understanding of our emotional responses to processes can help us to manage them better while creating space for personal autonomy. It’s about finding a balance that considers both emotional satisfaction and operational efficiency.

03:15 pm – Closing Reflection: Uniting Experiences from Two Days of Rethinking Processes

Join us for a moment of reflection as we wrap up our conference experience. This session invites us to come together and reflect on the experiences of the past two days. Engage in a thoughtful dialogue, share insights, celebrate successes, and chart a course for continued collaboration to rethink processes.

03:45 pm – End

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The Conference Venue

Lufthansa Seeheim has been a very special place in my life for more than 20 years. Here I have met many great people, received new impulses, and developed ideas that have all significantly influenced my personal journey.

Now, I would like to invite the New Process Community from the bottom of my heart to come to this very special conference hotel with its inspiring spaces and first-class cuisine in the midst of beautiful nature to get a taste of the aviation spirit and to share inspiring experiences with you.

How to get to Seeheim?


Lufthansa Seeheim
Lufthansaring 1
64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim


Easily reachable from every direction: The Lufthansa Seeheim Conference Hotel is located approximately 45 km south of Frankfurt am Main and is very well-connected to the airport, the long-distance train station, and the Autobahn.


Meet us at the New Process Conference 2024!

See you in Seeheim!



Who do you expect to attend the event?

We expect process management enthusiasts from a wide range of companies: CPOs, Process Owners, Process Architects, Quality Managers, BPM Consultants, representatives of BPM tool vendors, but certainly also one or two BPM nerds. 🙂

Are the two days different agenda-wise?

Both days are designed to have a strong focus on the community and provide new content. In addition, the Bar Camp format allows direct feedback and idea exchange with other attendees. The second day may have a slightly lighter agenda due to an earlier ending.

What would you recommend time-wise to enjoy the full conference as you offer a couple of options for spending the night at the hotel?

We recommend booking the Conference Hotel for the Conference Night. Our agenda is structured to accommodate you arriving on the first day and departing on the second day, as Seeheim/Frankfurt is well-connected.