Rethink your process with me

Here at I bundle all my experiences to rethink processes with the learnings from working in various process management positions in the aviation industry to help you rethink your process. – Doesn’t matter if we are talking about an individual business process or the overall process management system of an organization. Feel free to contact me at any time. Just book a free meet & greet session to get to know each other!


I rely on three core competencies

Based on the human-centric New Process approach, I combine the following three areas to help you rethink your process.


I strongly believe in the logical connection of purpose, strategy, process, organization, people, and execution to transform an organization. Processes are the key enabler to bring an organizations purpose and strategy into reality. Therefore, I use processes to facilitate this overall procedure and I help organizations to implement and improve their process management system.

No matter at which maturity level the respective organization currently stands in process management, I help to start at the right places to get to the next level. Starting with the basics, thinking in processes in the first place and modeling first processes, up to innovating and automating processes. A special focus is on empowering people to manage processes along the New Process Life Cycle. – And always with a special focus on the people who work in and on the processes.


To truly inspire people, every single workshop, trainings, team building, simulations, gamification, conferences etc. should be an inspiring experience! Thus, I do everything I can to live up to this claim.


To sustainably implement a process, it is necessary to build and moderate the respecitve process community of people working in and on a specific process. Therefore, I bring in experience to facilitate communication, networking, use of social media and content creation for podcasts, videos and so on.

Push your process to the next level

I have worked in various process management positions in aviation for almost 20 years, helping the organization reach a high level of maturity.

I am now happy to transfer my learnings to other organizations. No matter where you are, with my experience I can help you reach the next level while not losing focus on the human being.


Proven formats

I am convinced that it always depends on the individual maturity level and the objective of an organization, what it wants to achieve with processes, in order to help in a targeted way. Nevertheless, a few formats have emerged that help to set impulses and provide food for thought in order to rethink processes.


Whether on-site or online, I can help you with a New Process Keynote to make your event an inspiring experience for your participants. I am happy to give a powerful impulse on how to think processes in a completely new way.

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In this premium workshop format, we will apply the New Process Life Cycle to your very own business process and start rethinking it.

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